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Carol Grever

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DVD Cover image for Carol Grever's Film One Gay One Straight
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Carol Grever, Executive Producer / Writer
Roslyn Dauber, Producer / Director
Ali MacGraw, Narrator
Running Time: 28:31 minutes
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Book cover image - Carol Grever's When Your Spouse Comes Out



The Haworth Press / Taylor & Francis Group
New York and London

$19.95 paperback, ISBN 13:978-0-7890-3629-2
$69.95 hard cover, ISBN 13:978-0-7890-3628-5
Guidebook / Instructor's Manual available for group leaders or faculty
Copyright 2008
151 pages with index

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Publisher U.S.A.:

The Crossing Press (Ten Speed Press) P.O. Box 7123
Berkeley, CA 94707

Orders and customer service:
800-841 BOOK (2665)

ISBN: 1-58091-089-0
Copyright 2001
Paperback, 175 pages
Retail price: $14.95




Thai language edition:

Cyberfish Media, Ltd., Bangkok, publisher, 2002
Email address:

Spanish language edition:

Editorial Oceano de Mexico, Mexico City, publisher, 2004
Email address:
Website address:


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