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Carol Grever

About the Book

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my book, My Husband Is Gay: A Woman's Guide to Surviving the Crisis.

My Husband is Gay Book CoverThe Need

When a husband tells his wife he's homosexual, the resulting crisis affects their entire family. I experienced this shocking revelation after 30-plus years of marriage and rearing two children. I needed practical help to cope with the challenge, but found few resources. That deep need led to the writing of this book.

The Book

My Husband Is Gay details recognizable stages of the healing process, from initial shock to eventual resolution. Encouragement comes from personal stories of 26 courageous straight spouses who successfully coped with their mates' coming out. Practical information, empathy, and hope enliven this self-help guide, demonstrating diverse paths toward wholeness. Poignant true stories create an accessible roadmap to recovery. It is a straight spouse survival manual.

The Audience

The book is intended primarily for heterosexual women who are, or have been partnered with gay men, but it is also useful for families and friends of those in mixed orientation marriages. Indeed, solace and suggestions for recovery from almost any personal crisis may be found in the final chapters. Counselors, students, and professionals in psychology, sociology, and medicine find the firsthand accounts useful in their work.

My Husband Is Gay is included on the recommended reading lists of international support group networks, such as the Straight Spouse Network (SSN), Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), and Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE).

Worldwide Availability

My Husband Is Gay was first published in the United States by The Crossing Press (Ten Speed Press) in 2001 and was distributed in many other English-speaking countries. It is also available in two translations–Spanish and the Thai language. Global interest in this book is evidence that gay-straight marriage presents a worldwide challenge.

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