If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you may have
noticed some recent improvements to support our goal of connecting straight
spouses.  With the changes, we now have a
more accessible and interactive Web site.

    The new navigation
under the banner has tabs that link readers to book and documentary
descriptions, reviews, author information, a video comment by my book editor, and a
radio interview.  If you want to order a
copy of a book or DVD, it’s as easy as a
couple of mouse clicks on the cover image of any book to order online. 

    The Press Kit tab
accesses a list of topics: a synopsis of the documentary DVD, One Gay, One Straight: Complicated Marriages,
plus reviews, television and radio credits, and other background information
about straight spouse resources. 

    You can subscribe
to the blog’s feed to receive notice of new content.  To sign up, just enter your email address and click Subscribe on the left
sidebar.  If you are looking
for a specific topic, browse the list of
on the left sidebar.  More
recent articles are listed first, with Reader’s Choice topics following.  These
lists contain links that take you directly to the article of interest.

    Live links to Web
appear on the right sidebar. 
You can instantly access organizations in North America and the United Kingdom that inform and serve partners and families of lesbians and gays.  You can find information on sexuality, AIDS,
and divorce recovery. 

    After clicking any of these links, if you navigate away from
this site, you can return here by using your browser’s back button.

    At the bottom of each article on this site, there is a new Share This widget, marked with a green symbol.  Click it to save the post, email it, or share
it with others on various bookmarking and social networking sites.  If you know other straight spouses, please
send this information to them. 

    My vision of Straight Spouse Connection is to provide a safe
site for peer support and ongoing interchange of information relevant to mixed-orientation
families.  People who have experienced
the exceptional ordeal of a gay-straight marriage or intimate partnership carry
the wisdom to encourage others through the challenge.  We are teachers for each other, and I urge
you to visit often, to offer your opinions, and to give and receive greater confidence.

    You’re always welcome here! 
Thanks for coming by.



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