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Carol Grever

"My Husband Is Gay ..."

A Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Crisis




Carol Grever





Acknowledgements 4

Foreword 5

1 “The Perfect Couple” 9

2 Coming Out and Its Fallout 37

3 Initiation into “The Closet” 48

4 Facing New Realities 71

5 “The Black Hole” 89

6 An Action Guide to Wholeness 100

7 The Result is the Path 132

Epilogue: Their Journey Continues 143

Appendix: Additional Resources 163





I would like to acknowledge all the women who shared their stories with me and graciously allowed me to write about their experiences. They gave generously of their time and wisdom, often reliving very painful memories in the process. In every case, they did so because they were eager to help others. Their selfless courage was my inspiration.

-- Carol Grever