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Carol Grever


Brief Author Bio

Carol Grever, M.A., has been a successful businesswoman and English professor and is now an award-winning author. She has published two books and produced an educational documentary DVD on straight spouse recovery. She is a recognized spokesperson on mixed-orientation relationships and has been interviewed on major network TV and radio shows on three continents, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360, The Early Show, and Inside Edition. Carol earned BA and MA degrees from Phillips University and Pacific University, respectively, and did additional post-graduate work at Oklahoma State University. An adopted Coloradan, she lives and writes in Boulder.


Media Experience

Television Appearances

In-depth interviews with major television networks, including

The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC, October 27, 2004 and January 13, 2005

Anderson Cooper 360, CNN, September 24, 2004

Good Morning America, with Diane Sawyer, ABC, August 13, 2004

Inside Edition, NBC, August 13, 2004

The Early Show, with Lisa Birnbaum, CBS, November 28, 2001

Iyanla Show, NBC, October 15, 2001 


Radio Interviews

More than 90 live radio interviews in the United States, England, and Thailand, including syndicated and satellite broadcasts.


Press Coverage

New York Times, New York, New York
Boulder Camera, Boulder, Colorado
The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi
Boulder County Business Report,
Boulder, Colorado
Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado
Mercury News, San Jose, California
Bangkok Post, Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Rath newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand
The Nation newspaper, Bangkok, Thailand


Suggested Interview Questions for Carol Grever

  • Gay marriage is becoming more widely accepted, with several states legalizing the unions. How will this shift affect the incidence of gay-straight marriages?

  • You’ve been writing about straight spouses for more than a decade. What is your motivation to continue this work?

  • Why do gay people marry heterosexuals in the first place?

  • How unusual is this situation?

  • Why do they wait so long, sometimes decades, to come out?

  • How could the straight spouse not know?

  • After years in a marriage, why would a gay married person decide to come out at all?

  • As a straight man or woman, how does it feel to discover that your intimate partner is gay?

  • What should the straight spouse do after the discovery—first steps and long-term?

  • Do male straight spouses go through the same stages of recovery as females?

  • What are the typical stages of coping?

  • What effect does a parent’s coming out have on children in the family?

  • Are there any warning signs or clues that your husband or wife is gay?

  • What is your advice to someone whose spouse has come out?

  • Is there a major theme in your whole body of work on this subject? 

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