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Finding Home

Finding Home, Poems by Carol Grever, Colorado

With echoes of the past, these poems evoke a vision of enduring peace. The search for rest ends at home.

In her latest collection of poems, Carol Grever explores the challenge of change. With vigorous lyricism, technical skill, and creative originality, these poems express loss and loneliness and the comforting discovery of a new sense of home.

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Trade Paperback, 79 pp, 2021

Turnings: Reflections on a Conscious Life


Turnings: Reflections on a Conscious Life is Carol Grever’s new memoir. Stories and poems form a mosaic of courage, unveiling a gay mate’s coming out, a spouse’s addiction, and her spiritual awakening. Unexpected pivotal events open extraordinary adventures and heartening discoveries. Known for her earlier work on mixed-orientation relationships, Carol reveals with unwavering honesty her own transformative “turnings,” changing the course of a formerly peaceful life. Turnings is available on as a paperback or e-book.


Trade Paperback, 184 pp, 2016

Glimpses: A Memoir in Poetry

Cover-Glimpses: A Memoir in Poetry by Carol Grever

This rich but accessible collection of poems is archaeology of the soul, unearthing artifacts of personal insight. Each poem distills meaning to illuminate a vivid moment or an everyday truth. The poems are arranged in roughly chronological categories to offer glimpses of family, career, travels, transitions, passions and quietude. Together, the collection reveals deepening understanding with age and suggests the essence of a full life.

Colorado Authors' League 2013
Award for
Poetry Collections

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Trade Paperback, 167 pp., 2012
Amazon Kindle e-book, 2012
Barnes & Noble Nook e-book, 2012
Outskirts Press, Denver


My Husband Is Gay: A Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Crisis

Cover of Carol Grever's book My Husband is Gay

Personal stories of 26 women demonstrate various paths toward wholeness in this practical self-help guide. It details recognizable stages of healing for straight spouses, from initial shock to eventual resolution. Their poignant accounts infer an accessible roadmap to recovery. This enduring, optimistic book has been translated into Thai (2003), Spanish (2004), and Greek (2012).

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Trade Paperback, 180 pp., 2001
Random House e-book, 2012
Random House (The Crossing Press), New York


When Your Spouse Comes Out: A Straight Mate’s Recovery Manual 

Book cover image - written by Deborah Bowman, PHD & Carol Grever: When Your Spouse Comes Out

Co-authored by psychologist Dr. Deborah Bowman, this versatile, authoritative self-help book explores underlying psychological forces and practical steps toward long-term recovery for both male and female straight spouses. It layers riveting case studies with professional interpretations and therapeutic personal activities. An optional Guidebook for Workshop Facilitators, Mental Health Professionals, and Instructors can be used in the classroom or with support groups.
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Trade Paperback or Hardcover, 151 pp., 2008
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, New York


Documentary DVD: One Gay, One Straight: Complicated Marriages

DVD Cover image for Carol Grever's Film One Gay One Straight

Heterosexual wives and husbands tell their stories directly in this unique documentary. Written and produced by Carol Grever, directed by Roslyn Dauber, and narrated by actress Ali MacGraw, the film opens the secret closet shared by mixed-orientation families. Intimate interviews dramatically demonstrate that healing is achievable. 
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Colorado Authors' 
League 2009
Award for Specialty Nonfiction Writing


Dauber Film Services, Los Angeles
Running time: 28:31 minutes
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Memory Quilt: A Family Narrative

Memory Quilt: A Family Narrative by Carol Grever

Memory Quilt recounts the author’s grandparents’ precarious journey from the Great Depression through the 1940’s, weaving together recollections of two remaining generations. Follow the Strouds through their crucible of poverty and wandering and discover their center of strength. Scraps of family lore are stitched into a warm memory quilt that cradles in its folds encouraging lessons that still apply, half a century later.
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Paperback, 161 pp., 2009P


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